MF X Kataaro Blue Belt Collaboration



All belts will be sold through

The Belt:
A masterpiece collaboration commissioned by Modern Flow Brand with artwork designed by Meerkatsu. Each color belt has a unique chess piece design. This 1-3/4 inch wide jujitsu rank belt is available in standard BJJ colors. Construction is 100% twill cotton with a single strapping cotton core. The color rank belts have a black 4-1/2 inch rank sleeve on one end, which starts 1 inch from the belt end. The black belt rank sleeve is red and 7 inches long, with 3/4" white instructor stripes on each end. White 1/2 inch rank stripes can be added. Stripes are sewn on the sleeve with 1/8 inch spacing.

Additional embroidery such as name, academy, logos, etc., can be added. Many options to choose from.



Coming Soon